3 thoughts on “Privilege: Does female privilege exist?

  1. Its pretty obvious that women have a lot of privilege. You see it everywhere, to take just one of those examples : Education. I education women are being given higher grades for the same work in school, they have more female teachers providing them with more role models, they are offered more grants to go on courses which have low numbers of women participating.

    To pick another area look at the criminal justice system, its been repeatedly proven that women are given significantly lower sentence lengths than men for the same crime. There is less chance that women are actually sent to prison and less likely to receive prison as a sentence. This often comes down to excuses being made like childcare or drug abuse but regardless of how people want to try and justify it, it is still privilege. We now have UK women’s prisons being closed down and effectively turned in to holiday camps for women which is creating even more privilege for women.

    I could spend ages talking about this but I simply do not have time.

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